An Open Source, Simple, Fast and Powerful micro-ORM for .NET Framework

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It's dotEntity

Your smallest and powerful arsenal for all data driven development

dotEntity is an Object Relational Mapper library that you can use for speeding up your database driven application development. It generates POCO objects for your database tables so you can focus on your business logic rather than something else.

It's faster

dotEntity caches your queries and object mappings during it's first run to fasten the subsequent queries.

It's versatile

dotEntity works well with SqlServer and MySql. More provider support is being added.

It's smart

dotEntity has built-in support for database migrations using our customized database versioning system.

It's tested

We write lots of unit and integration tests to make sure that things don't break with upgrades.

Get things done with minimum lines of code

This is not something we created because we were sitting idle (not that we were), we wanted to create an Object Relational Mapper library that get the things done quickly. And so we created one.

Let's begin

Here are a few things to help you get started

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